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Alzheimer's: how does the brain change over the course of the disease?

18 March 2019

Alzheimer’s: how does the brain change over the course of the disease?

What changes in the brain are caused by Alzheimer’s disease? How do these changes differ from those observed in the normal ageing process? Gwenaëlle Catheline (Neuroimaging and human cognition (...)

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ARSLA young investigator price

18 February 2019

ARSLA young investigator price

The ARSLA young investigator price has been awarded to Eleonore Bertin, PhD student in co-direction with Eric Boué-Grabot (IMN) and Sandrine Bertrand (INCIA). This price received during the ARSLA (...)

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The Cognitive Thalamus and mental representations

18 February 2019

The Cognitive Thalamus and mental representations

The Cognitive Thalamus as a Gateway to Mental Representations Mathieu Wolff and Seralynne D. Vann Journal of Neuroscience 2 January 2019, 39 (1) 3-14; DOI: (...)

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143 publications in 2018!

10 January 2019

143 publications in 2018!

Researchers from the lab published 143 papers in 2018.
Congratulations everyone, the lab has now been publishing nearly 150 papers/year for 3 years in a row. 2019, we are coming!
You can (...)

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La marche, c'est toute une science !

8 January 2019

La marche, c’est toute une science !

The CNRS has published a comprehensive article in the 5th edition of its biannual "Carnet de Science" review, providing an overview on locomotion. Jean-René Cazalets and other researchers from the (...)

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Thursday 14 th March 2019 ,The next INCIA monthly seminar

The next INCIA monthly seminar : Thursday, March 14, from 11h30 am to 12h30 pm in the meeting (...)

17th of january. INCIA Scientific meeting

The next INCIA scientific meeting will be held the 17th of january in the 2A building at (...)