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Flash back on the "Apprentis Chercheurs" MAAD

14 June 2017

Flash back on the "Apprentis Chercheurs" MAAD

The MAAD (Mechanisms of Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs) programme, launched by Inserm with the support of MILDECA (French Government’s Inter-Departmental Mission for the Fight against Drugs and (...)

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Hybrid / zero-G

6 June 2017

Hybrid / zero-G

At the occasion of the International Paris Air Show, which will take place from 19 to 25 June 2017, CNES has asked the HYBRID team to show the experience related to the GENEPI project on display (...)

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INCIArt: 16, place Vendôme, an Idex Arts & Sciences project supported by the PAM

6 June 2017

INCIArt: 16, place Vendôme, an Idex Arts & Sciences project supported by the PAM

16, place Vendôme is an artistic research project based on neuro-muscular electro-stimulation, initiated by Mael Le Mée in collaboration with Etienne Guillaud from the INCIA (PAM). This project is (...)

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The DECAD team on all fronts

23 May 2017

The DECAD team on all fronts

The DECAD team has been very active in the many recent Bordeaux events.
1. At the 7th Symposium of the Biology of Decision making (SBDM 2017) Shauna Parkes gave a talk entitled “Psychological (...)

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2 May 2017

Research internship for the Master of Neurosciences: call for 2017-2018 proposals.

Dear colleagues,
The 2017-2018 call for research internship (5 months) proposals for the master of Neurosciences is open.
Since last year, the Master program includes 5 months internships (...)

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June 27 th 2017

International conference on Translational research in CNS injuries
Link for inscription : (...)

Latest publications

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