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Catherine LE MOINE

by Catherine Le Moine - published on , updated on

Catherine LE MOINE

Catherine Le Moine DR2 CNRS

+33 (0)5 57 57 15 44

Site : Charles Perrens

Neuropsychopharmacology of addiction

Persistent drug and withdrawal memories in addiction

Research axis:

  • Opiate Dependence: behaviour and neurobiological substrates
  • Motivation and emotion in addiction
  • Emotional memories

Scientific expertise:

  • Opiate dependence and withdrawal : Behaviour and neural substrates of associated aversive memories.
  • Physiopathology of cellular interactions involving dopamine transmission
  • Cellular neuroanatomy of basal ganglia and associated limbic structures
  • Electrophysiology
  • Animal models of addiction


  • Role of withdrawal affective memories in opiate dependence
  • Neural substrates of affective memories associated with drug effects.
  • Plasticity and neuronal reactivity for the formation and retrieval of opiate withdrawal aversive memories.
  • Neural mechanisms underlying the encoding of positive and aversive emotional states in opiate addiction (oscillations, synchronization)
  • Neuronal representations of aversive emotional memories in cortico-subcortical circuits (from physiological to pathological processing)


Selected Publications from 2000

  • Noe E, Bonneau N, Fournier ML, Caillé-Garnier S, Cador M, Le Moine C (2019) Arc reactivity in accumbens nucleus, amygdala and hippocampus differentiates cue over context responses during reactivation of opiate withdrawal memory. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (in press)
  • Gueye AB, Vendruscolo LF, de Ávila C, Le Moine C, Darnaudéry M, Cador M. (2018) Unlimited sucrose consumption during adolescence generates a depressive-like phenotype in adulthood. Neuropsychopharmacology. doi: 10.1038/s41386-018-0025-9.
  • Fitoussi A, Renault P, Le Moine C, Coutureau E, Cador M, Dellu-Hagedorn F (2018) Inter-individual differences in decision-making, flexible and goal-directed behaviors: novel insights within the prefronto-striatal networks. Brain Structure & Function. 223:897-912.
  • Dejean C, Sitko M, Girardeau P, Bennabi A, Caillé S, Cador M, Boraud T, Le Moine C. (2017) Memories of opiate withdrawal emotional states correlate with specific gamma oscillations in the nucleus accumbens. Neuropsychopharmacology 42, 1157–1168
  • Hachem-Delaunay S, Fournier ML, Cohen C, Bonneau N, Cador M, Baunez C, Le Moine C. (2015) Subthalamic nucleus high frequency stimulation modulates neuronal reactivity to cocaine within the reward circuit Neurobiology of Disease, 80, 54–62
  • Fitoussi A, Le Moine C, De Deurwaerdere P, Laqui M, Rivalan M, Cador M, Dellu-Hagedorn F. (2015) Prefronto-subcortical imbalance characterizes poor decision-making: neurochemical and neural functional evidences in rats? Brain Structure and Function, 230, 3485-3496.
  • Morisot N, Le Moine C, Millan MJ & Contarino A (2014) CRF2 receptor-deficiency reduces recognition memory deficits and vulnerability to stress induced by cocaine withdrawal. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol 1-11.
  • Dejean C, Boraud T & Le Moine C (2013) Opiate dependence induces network state shifts in the limbic system. Neurobiology of Disease 59, 220-229
  • Ingallinesi M, Rouibi K, Le Moine C, Papaleo F & Contarino A (2012) CRF2 receptor-deficiency eliminates opiate withdrawal distress without impairing stress coping. Molecular Psychiatry 17, 1283-1294.
  • Lucas M, Frenois F, Cador M & Le Moine C (2012) Remodeling of the neuronal circuits underlying opiate-withdrawal memories following remote retrieval. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 97, 47-53.
  • Dejean C, Arbuthnott G, Wickens JR, Le Moine C, Boraud T, Hyland BI (2011) Power fluctuations in beta and gamma frequencies in rat globus pallidus: association with specific phases of slow oscillations and differential modulation by dopamine D1 and D2 receptors. J Neurosci 31:6098-6107.
  • Lucas M, Frenois F, Vouillac C, Stinus L, Cador M, Le Moine C (2008) Reactivity and plasticity in the amygdala nuclei during opiate withdrawal conditioning: differential expression of c-fos and arc immediate early genes. Neuroscience 154:1021-1033.
  • Georges F, Le Moine C, Aston-Jones G (2006) No effect of morphine on ventral tegmental dopamine neurons during withdrawal. J Neurosci 26:5720-5726.
  • Mallet N, Ballion B, Le Moine C, Gonon F (2006) Cortical inputs and GABA interneurons imbalance projection neurons in the striatum of parkinsonian rats. J Neurosci 26:3875-3884.
  • Frenois F, Le Moine C, Cador M (2005) The motivational component of withdrawal in opiate addiction: role of associative learning and aversive memory in opiate addiction from a behavioral, anatomical and functional perspective. Rev Neurosci 16:255-276.
  • Frenois F, Stinus L, Di Blasi F, Cador M, Le Moine C (2005) A specific limbic circuit underlies opiate withdrawal memories. J Neurosci 25:1366-1374.
  • Mallet N, Le Moine C, Charpier S, Gonon F (2005) Feedforward inhibition of projection neurons by fast-spiking GABA interneurons in the rat striatum in vivo. J Neurosci 25:3857-3869.
  • Frenois F, Cador M, Caille S, Stinus L, Le Moine C (2002) Neural correlates of the motivational and somatic components of naloxone-precipitated morphine withdrawal. Eur J Neurosci 16:1377-1389.
  • Georges F, Stinus L, Le Moine C (2000) Mapping of c-fos gene expression in the brain during morphine dependence and precipitated withdrawal, and phenotypic identification of the striatal neurons involved. Eur J Neurosci 12:4475-4486.

Fundings as coordinator

  • ANR PROGRAMME BLANC (2010-2014) MEMOPIATE« Affectives memories associated with opiate withdrawal : neural substrates and potential role in addiction »» (Coordinator: Catherine Le Moine in collaboration with Thomas Boraud’s Team). 500000€ for 4 years.
  • FRM - Aide aux projets innovants: Financement d’un ingénieur (2013-2015) « Réseaux de neurones et synchronisation dans l’addiction: développement des enregistrements multi-sites multi-unitaires chez l’animal se comportant » 80 K€ for 2 years
  • FRM Physiopathologie de l’Addiction (2014-2017) “Affective memories in drug addiction: differentiation of context versus CS effects in the coding and retrieval of opiate withdrawal memories” 220 K€ for 3 years