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Di Scala Georges

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Director of Research CNRS
+33 (0)5 40 00 42 20

Site: Carreire

Team: Neuroimagery and human cognition

Domain:Cognitive neuroscience

Research axis:
• Feedback learning
• Automation
• Cognitive training
• Attention and memory
• Emotions
• Neural networks
• Structural connectivity
• Functional connectivity

Scientific expertise:
• Associative learning
• Cognitive training
• Functional magnetic resonance imaging

Neuroplasticity and aging. The aim of this project is twofold : 1. Evaluating the effects of multi-task training on feedback learning performance, considered as a model of behavioral adaptation to an everchanging world, and 2. Identifying the resting state and task-dependent brain networks associated with the behavioral performance


Selected Publications:

Edde, M., Di Scala, G., Dupuy, M., Dilharreguy, B., Catheline, G., & Chanraud, S. (2020). Learning-driven cerebellar intrinsic functional connectivity changes in men. Journal of Neuroscience Research, 98(4), 668‑679.

Di Scala, G., Dupuy, M., Guillaud, E., Doat, E., Barse, E., Dillhareguy, B., Jean, F. A. M., Audiffren, M., Cazalets, J. R., & Chanraud, S. (2019). Efficiency of Sensorimotor Networks : Posture and Gait in Young and Older Adults. Experimental Aging Research, 45(1), 41 56.

Meyer, M., Di Scala, G., Edde, M., Dilharreguy, B., Radat, F., Allard, M., & Chanraud, S. (2017). Brain structural investigation and hippocampal tractography in medication overuse headache: a native space analysis. Behavioral and Brain Functions: BBF, 13(1), 6.

Chanraud S*, Di Scala G*, Dilharreguy B, Schoenen J, Allard M, Radat F. Brain functional connectivity and morphology changes in medication overuse headache: clue for dependence-related processes? Cephalalgia 34: 605-615, 2014. * Equal contribution

Naneix F, Marchand AR, Di Scala G, Pape JR, Coutureau E. Parallel maturation of goal-directed behavior and dopaminergic systems during adolescence. J Neurosci, 32(46):16223–16232, 2012.

Coutureau E, Esclassan F, Di Scala G, Marchand AR. The role of the rat medial prefrontal cortex in adapting to changes in instrumental contingency. PLoS ONE 7(4): e33302, 2012.

San-Galli A, Marchand AR, Decorte L, Di Scala G. Retrospective revaluation and its neural circuit in rats. Behav Brain Res, 223:262-70, 2011.

Naneix F, Marchand AR, Di Scala G, Pape JR, Coutureau E. A Role for medial prefrontal dopaminergic innervation in instrumental conditioning. J. Neurosci., 29:6599–6606, 2009.