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Pfeuty Micha

by Joel Swendsen - published on , updated on

JPEG Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences)

+33 (0)5 57 57 17 33

Site : Carreire

Neuroimaging and Human Cognition

Cognitive neurosciences

Research axis:

  • Temporal processing
  • Emotion
  • Executive functions
  • Auditory system
  • Stroke
  • Depression

Scientific expertise:

  • Functional magnetic mesonance imaging (fMRI)
  • Electroencephalography (EEG), evoked related potential (ERP)
  • Stereo-EEG (SEEG)
  • Psychophysiology (heart rate activity, electrodermal response)
  • Experimental psychology


  • Relationship between autonomic nervous system (ANS), depression and cognition in post-stroke patients
  • Neural correlates of temporal processing dysfunction in psychiatrics disorders

Selected Publications:

  • Tessier, A, Cosin, C, Mayo, W, Pfeuty, M, Misdrahi, D, Sibon, I. (2015) Impulsive aggressive obsessions following cerebellar strokes: a case study. J Neurol., 262:1775-1776.
  • Pfeuty, M., Dilharreguy, B., Gerlier, L., & Allard, M. (2015) fMRI Identifies the Right Inferior Frontal Cortex as the Brain Region Where Time Interval Processing is Altered by Negative Emotional Arousal. Hum Brain Mapp., 36:981-995.
  • Monfort, V.*, Pfeuty, M.*, Klein, M., Collé, S., Brissart, H., Jonas, J., & Maillard, L. (2014) Distortion of time interval reproduction in an epileptic patient with a focal lesion in the right anterior insular/inferior frontal cortices. Neuropsychologia, 64:184-194.
  • Pfeuty, M., Thivard, L., Dupont, S., Adam, C., Baulac, M., & Samson, S. (2011) Postoperative recovery of hippocampal contralateral diffusivity in medial temporal lobe epilepsy correlates with memory functions. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 82:340-3.
  • Pfeuty, M., & Peretz, I. (2010) Abnormal pitch-time interference in congenital amusia: evidence from an implicit test. Atten Percept Psychophys., 72:763-774.
  • Dellacherie, D., Pfeuty, M., Hasboun, D., Lefèvre, J., Hugueville, L., Schwartz, D.P., Baulac M., Adam, C., & Samson, S. (2009) The birth of musical emotion: a depth electrode case study in a human subject with epilepsy. Ann N Y Acad Sci., 1169:336-41.
  • Pfeuty, M., Ragot, R, & Pouthas, V. (2008) Brain activity during interval timing depends on sensory structure. Brain Res., 1204:112-117.
  • Pouthas, V., George, N., Poline, J.B., Pfeuty, M., Vandemoorteele, P.F., Hugueville, L., Ferrandez, A.M., Lehéricy, S., Lebihan, D., & Renault, B. (2005) Neural network involved in time perception: an fMRI study comparing long and short interval estimation. Hum Brain Mapp., 25:433-41.
  • Pfeuty, M., Ragot, R., & Pouthas, V. (2005) Relationship between CNV and timing of an upcoming event. Neurosci Lett., 382:106-11.
  • Pfeuty, M., Ragot, R., & Pouthas, V. (2003a) When time is up: CNV time course differentiates the roles of the hemispheres in the discrimination of short tone durations. Exp Brain Res., 151:372-9.
  • Pfeuty, M., Ragot, R., & Pouthas, V. (2003b) Processes involved in tempo perception: a CNV analysis. Psychophysiology, 40:69-76.