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Husson Marianne

by Vincent David - published on , updated on

Post-doctorante (ANR financing 2011-2013): NICOSTOP project “Polymorphisms of human alpha3*, alpha5* and beta4* nicotinic receptors: a study of functional consequences using genetically engineered mice”)


+33 (0)5 40 00 33 91

Site : Talence

Interactions between emotions and memory systems: from normal to pathological aging.

Cognitive / Behavioral Neuroscience / Neuropharmacology

Research axis:

Positive reinforcing properties of abused drugs: neural and molecular substrates

Scientific expertise:

  • Molecular biology (real-time qPCR) and biochemistry (western blot)
  • Nutritional / drug self-administration rodent models
  • Animal behaviour (place preference, anxiety, spatial memory)
  • Specific stereotaxy (cannulae implantation)


  • Role of nicotinic receptor subtypes in nicotine’s addictive and cognitive effects


  • Uwe Maskos, Senior Scientist, Integrative Neurobiology of Cholinergic Systems, Institut Pasteur, Paris
  • Philippe Faure, Head of research, Neurobiology of adaptative processes, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

Selected publications:
- Baudonnat M, Guillou JL, Husson M, Vandesquille M, Corio M, Decorte L, Faugère A, Porte Y, Mons N and David V (2011) Disrupting effect of drug-induced reward on spatial but guided cue-learning : implication of the striatal PKA/CREB pathway. J Neurosci (on press).
- Husson M, Enderlin V, Alfos S, Delacourte A, Higueret P and Pallet V (2006) Retinoic acid normalizes nuclear receptor mediated hypo-expression of proteins involved in -amyloid deposits in the cerebral cortex of vitamin A deprived rats. Neurobiol Dis 23:1-10.
- Boucheron C, Alfos S, Enderlin V, Husson M, Pallet V and Higueret P (2006) Age-related effects of ethanol consumption on triiodothyronine and retinoic acid nuclear receptors, neurogranin and neuromodulin expression in mouse brain. Neurobiol Aging 27:1326-1334.
- Féart C, Mingaud F, Enderlin V, Husson M, Alfos S, Pallet V and Higueret P (2005) Differential effect of retinoic acid and triiodothyronine on the age-related hypo-expression of neurogranin in rat. Neurobiol Aging 26:729-738.
- Husson M, Enderlin V, Alfos S, Boucheron C, Pallet V and Higueret P (2004) Expression of neurogranin and neuromodulin is affected in striatum of vitamin A deprived rats. Mol Brain Res 123:7-17.