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Morlier Julien

by Daniel Cattaert, Hybrid - published on , updated on

Assistant professor (MCU) HDR

tel: +33 (0)5 56 84 52 00

Site : Carreire

Hybrid Sensorimotor Performance

Movement control

Research axis:

  • Motor Systems / Control of posture and movement ;
  • Motor performance

Scientific expertise:


  • Analysis and models of sports movements: Mainly focused on the sports movement, the research aims to improve movement performance. The overall approach of the biomechanical system describes the interactions between the athlete and its equipment and quantifies the performance. It operates specific metrology techniques which must take into account the complexity of the movements studied. To do this, a hardware development (six components dynamometer and three-dimensional video analysis) and software (Sportlab) was carried out.
  • Human joints biomechanics model: This research aims to structure the design of artificial joints in integrating biomechanical constraints and specific technological solutions. These data should be studied and taken into account in the functional restoration of the joint. Complex finite element models are developed to simulate the joint restoration.


Selected Publications:

  • PUEL F, MORLIER J, AVALOS M, MESNARD M, CID M, HELLARD P. J Biomech. (2012). 3D kinematic and dynamic analysis of the front crawl tumble turn in elite male swimmers. j.jbiomech 45(3):510-5.
  • MESNARD M, COUTANT JC, AOUN M, MORLIER J, CID M, CAIX P (2012) Relationships between geometry and kinematic characteristics in the temporomandibular joint. Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin. 15(4):393-400
  • MESNARD M, RAMOS A, BALLU A, MORLIER J, CID M, SIMOES JA.. (2011) Biomechanical analysis comparing natural and alloplastic temporomandibular joint replacement using a finite element model. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 69(4):1008-17.