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Coordinations and Plasticities of Spinal Generators

Our project aims to study mammalian spinal neural networks involved in motor functions. Two major themes emerge from this project. Firstly, we investigate the cellular and synaptic mechanisms which allow the various neuronal networks engaged in rhythmic (such as locomotion and respiration) and non-rhythmic (such as posture) motor activities to operate independently or together as they necessarily do during normal behavior. In this context, we seek to determine i) the key elements of neural networks responsible for generating or modulating locomotor output patterns, and ii), the mechanisms involved in locomotor-postural control and locomotor-respiratory couplings. Second, we explore the plastic capabilities of the ventral spinal cord that contains the neural circuitry responsible for posture and locomotion under both physiological and pathological conditions. To this end, we investigate the activity-dependent plasticity of excitatory and inhibitory synapses onto lumbar motoneurons during normal development and following spinal cord injury. A combination of in vitro and in vivo experimental approaches are employed mainly in rodents (neonatal, juvenile and adult rat and mouse), and a part of our project is conducted on humans.

List of team members:

  1. Sandrine Bertrand (CR1 CNRS, HDR)
  2. Didier Morin (PR, Univ. Bordeaux, IUT HSE dept, HDR)
  3. Jean-René Cazalets (DR1 CNRS, HDR)
  4. Grégory Barrière (CR1 CNRS)
  5. Imad Ghorayeb (MCU-PH Université de Bordeaux)
  6. Laurent Juvin (MCU, Univ. Bordeaux, ADT)
  7. Etienne Guillaud (IR CNRS)
  8. Emma Bestaven (IR CNRS)
  9. Anne-Emile Allain (plateforme PhyCell)
  10. Emile Doat (T Université de Bordeaux )
  11. Guy Simonnet (Professeur Emerite)


  1. Sighild Lemarchant (2017-present)

Graduate Students:

  1. Tamara Ceschin (MSc student 2016)
  2. Cyril Simonnet (MSc student 2016)
  3. Camille Quilgars (PhD student 2017 present)
  4. Eloïse Colnot (PhD student 2018- Present)
  5. Théo Mille (PhD student 2017- Present)

Past team members:

  1. Zied Oueghlani (PhD student 2015-present)
  2. Angelo Nicolosi (PhD student 2014-2017)
  3. Justine Debatisse (MSc student 2015)
  4. Paul Irubetagoyena (MSc student 2015)
  5. Léa Milan (PhD student 2012-2014)
  6. Laurianne Beliez (PhD student 2012-2014)
  7. Du Zhuowei (PhD student 2012-2014)
  8. Loïc Renault (MSc student 2015)
  9. Jean-Patrick Le Gal (PhD student 2011-2013)
  10. Anna Tchenio (MSc student 2013)
  11. Magali Cabanas (MSc student 2013)
  12. Charline Kambrun (MSc student 2012)
  13. Sabrina Delattre (MSc student 2012)
  14. Mélissa Sourioux (PhD student 2014-2018)

Publications: (2011-present)


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