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New IBISA label for the PAM

by Loïc Grattier - published on , updated on

  • The Motion Analysis Platform (PAM) is dedicated to the analysis of motor skills and posture in humans and animals. Our objective is to provide an integrated set of complex and non-invasive tools for researchers and clinicians to analyse body movements (kinematic, kinetic, eyetracking,...) as well as physiological data (electrophysiological measurements like EMG or EEG for instance). The PAM offers a controlled environment for patients whose sensorial cues can be modified by virtual reality or direct physiological stimulation (galvanic vestibular, TMS, TENS,...). The PAM is dedicated to scientists from neuroscience, biomechanics, sports science and robotics, as well as neurologists, psychiatrist, physiotherapists, ergonomists, ...
  • We support annually twenty basic research projects whose investigators are academic or private partners, in addition to the projects from our staff. The proximity of Bordeaux University Hospital offers to the clinicians the possibility of high-level analysis of gaits and movements for patients. An agreement with the hospital together with a strong partnership with the physical medicine unit leads to the clinical evaluation of about 150 patients per year (cerebral palsy, Parkinson disease...). Lastly, PAM offers an exceptional pedagogical support for training students (100 hours per year) in science, medicine and physical rehabilitation that can apply immediately the learned tools.
  • The Group of Scientific Interest, IBISA (GIS IBISA) is a consortium that gathers INSERM, CNRS, INRA, CEA, INRIA, INCa, CPU and ministry of ESR. It provides support to platform for the implementation of new technologies. In 2015 the PAM has been selected to belong to this IBISA GIS. It will improve the running of the PAM by support the cost of new materiel (wireless EMG) and it will involve the PAM in high challenging excellence innovating quality research approaches.

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