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Role of the first functional pioneer GABAergic interneurons (INs) in the genesis of the spinal cord electrical activity

by Branchereau Pascal - published on

It is now admitted that the spontaneous activity, occurring in the early spinal cord at the onset of the synaptogenesis, is important for the proper development of the spinal motor circuit.

So far it was postulated that MNs were the orchestra director during the genesis of spontaneous activity but our recent data challenges this view by showing that the mouse embryonic spinal cord is far from being a hierarchical neuronal network and raises the question of the role of the first functional INs in shaping the electrical activity.

Therefore, the goal of our project 2 is to elucidate the role of specific subpopulation of INs in shaping the electrical spontaneous activity at early (E12.5) developmental stage. We will first focus on the pioneer GABAergic INs in the control of MN and spinal network.

We plan to analyse the impact of optogenetic activation or inhibition of specific classes of INs (collaboration with P. LEGENDRE’s team, INSERM UMR 1130, CNRS UMR 8246, UPMC UM CR18, Neurosciences Paris Seine).