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149 publications in 2016:

- Ajili N, Decroix JP, Preda C, Labreuche J, Lopez D, Bejot Y, Michel P, Sévin-Allouet M, Sibon I, Vergnet S, Wang A, Sanda N, Mazighi M, Bourdain F, Lapergue B (2016) Impact of thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke without occlusion: an observational comparative study. European Journal of Neurology 23:1380-1386.
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- Ali A, Carré A, Hassler C, Spilka S, Vanier A, Barry C, Berthoz S (2016a) Risk factors for substances use and misuse among young people in France: What can we learn from the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale? Drug and Alcohol Dependence 163:84-91.
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