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Research internship for the Master of Neurosciences: call for 2017-2018 proposals.

by Loïc Grattier - published on

Dear colleagues,

The 2017-2018 call for research internship (5 months) proposals for the master of Neurosciences is open.

Since last year, the Master program includes 5 months internships (between January and June):
- for the 2nd year students (these are the usual M2 internships that you have known for years).
- and for the 1st year students of the international NeuroBIM track.

You can submit an internship for each category (M1 and/or M2).
Note: the same proposal can be made for M1 and M2, but in this case, you can only select one student (it is not allowed to have 2 students on the same subject)

Please remember that 5 months internships in France must be remunerated; therefore, by submitting an internship proposal, you agree to this obligatory condition.

Proposal submission is made via the dedicated website at the following address:

Internships must be entered before the 5th of May (deadline) and students will have access to them from the 6th of May.

The protocol is as follows:

1. Create an account to get a login and password (You can use the ones you had last year).
2. Once logged-in, you can enter your internship proposal (preferably in English).
3. You can edit/modify your proposal until you click on the ’Submit’ link.
4. Once submitted, you can track the status of your proposal in the summary table.
5. Students interested in your internship proposal MUST contact you (from 6 May)
6. The students rank up to 3 proposals on the website; You can see, on your page, the students who have chosen your internship
7. You rank those students (up to 3) directly on the website

See the help section for details

Master 2 students:

Note that obtaining an internship is mandatory to be enrolled in Master 2. Therefore, the students must have found their internship (with your official agreement to take them) between May 2 and June 23: so please enter your proposal submission a.s.a.p.!

Master 1 students:
The M1 NeuroBIM students will choose their internship in September (same procedure).


Directeur du Master Neurosciences