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The DECAD team on all fronts

by Wolff - published on

The DECAD team on all fronts

The DECAD team has been very active in the many recent Bordeaux events.

1. At the 7th Symposium of the Biology of Decision making (SBDM 2017)
Shauna Parkes gave a talk entitled “Psychological & neural substrates of goal-directed behaviour in rats” and Juan-Carlos Cerpa (PhD student in the team) presented a poster on the role of the orbitofrontal cortex in goal directed behavior

2. Mathieu Wolff and Etienne Coutureau organised the mini-symposium of the GDR Neuromem with a very good attendance of about 100 people. Juan-Carlos Cerpa and Fabien Naneix presented their work during the data blitz session. The program was previously announced here.

3. At NeuroFrance 2017, Mathieu Wolff co-chaired a very interesting symposium entitled “Subcortical determinants of learning and memory: Looking beyond the hippocampus” in which he gave a talk on the “Role of the limbic thalamus in adaptive behaviours”.

Also, Ronny Gentry (a visiting PhD student from U. Maryland), Alain Marchand, Fabien Naneix and Juan Carlos Cerpa presented well-visited posters on their current projects.
Finally, Mathieu Wolff, together with Stéphanie Caillé-Garnier and Grégory Barrière were the INCIA members part of the local organization committee for this highly successful event (video).