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The INCIA at the EBBS 2017 in Bilbao

by Wolff - published on

The INCIA at the EBBS 2017 in Bilbao

The European Brain & Behavior Society (EBBS) held his biannual meeting in Bilbao recently (8-11 September).

Several members of the lab attended and contributed to the event.

The DECAD team was highly involved at this occasion on various fronts:

  • Etienne Coutureau was part of the EBBS panel and chaired a great plenary from Bernard Balleine
  • Mathieu Wolff chaired a symposium entitled "Thalamocortical bases of adaptive behaviors" (Anna Mitchell, UK; Amy Griffin, USA; MW; Alexander Groh, Germany) during which he gave a talk on "The cortical and thalamic determinants of adaptive behaviors"
  • Shauna Parkes presented her poster entitled "Insular and Ventrolateral Orbitofrontal Cortices Differentially Contribute to Goal-Directed Behavior in Rodents" (Shauna L. Parkes, Pascal M. Ravassard, Juan-Carlos Cerpa, Mathieu Wolff, Guillaume Ferreira and Etienne Coutureau)
  • Alain Marchand presented a poster on the"Dopaminergic control of individual differences in appetitive learning" (Alain R. Marchand, Ronny Gentry, Mehdi Khamassi, Donna Calu, Matthew R. Roesch and Etienne Coutureau)
  • Juan Carlos Cerpa (PhD student) was awarded a travel grant and presented his initial PhD work on "The role of the orbitofrontal cortex/noradrenaline tandem in behavioural flexibility" (Juan Carlos Cerpa, Alain R. Marchand, Mathieu Wolff, Shauna L. Parkes and Etienne Coutureau)

Besides the DECAD team, other people from the lab attended:

  • Catherine Le Moine (from Addicteam) presented a poster on "Opiate withdrawal conditioning alters oscillatory states in the nucleus accumbens" (Bourguignon C, Sitko M, Lambert L, Caillé S, Cador M, Boraud T and Le Moine C)
  • Wim Crusio (Neurobiology of behavior team) also presented a poster entitled "A qtl on chromosome 1 modulates intermale aggression in mice" (Wim E. Crusio, Brice Bonheur, Marie-Paule Algéo, Alba Murillo, Lu Lu, Robert W. Williams, Anna Delprato)

The scientific program was considered of greatest interest and scientific interactions highly benefited from the beautiful venue and the basque atmosphere. Some pictures below.

The Guggenheim museum.

Mathieu introducing the "Thalamocortical bases of adaptive behaviors" symposium.

Juan Carlos Cerpa on stage for his travel award.

Food was part of a genuine Basque experience (Courtesy of Catherine Le Moine :) )