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Renan Costa campos’s Ph D, December 18th, 2017

by Catherine Le Moine - published on , updated on

One of the most problematic aspects of addiction is the enduring vulnerability to relapse. Following repeated use, psychostimulants such as cocaine (COC) induce neuroadaptations within the dopamine (DA) system, including one of its major targets, the striatum. DA acts on D1 and D2 receptors (D1R and D2R) that are segregated into two pathways of striatal medium spiny neurons (MSNs) and act in several aspects of addiction; yet their role in relapse remains unclear. We examined the role of D1R and D2R in the ventral and dorsolateral striatum, using a rodent model of COC relapse. Results showed a double dissociation between the actions of DA receptors in both striatal regions.

To assess the behavioral nature of relapse, we aimed to model the transition to the eventual automatization believed to underlie drug use. Training under our protocol did not elicit habitual behavior, even after repeated COC exposure.

Finally, we began a preliminary chemogenetic study to tackle the role of the D1R- and D2R-bearing MSNs arising from the NAcc in relapse, as conflation of pharmacological and behavioral assessments can represent a promising approach in the search for the basis of drug addiction and relapse.

Keywords: Dopamine receptors; D1 and D2; Nucleus Accubens, Dorsolateral striatum; Reinstatement; Habit based behavior

Publication: Double dissociation between the actions of dopamine D1 and D2 receptors of the ventral and dorsolateral striatum in the reinstatement of cocaine seeking behavior
Campos, R; Dias, C; Darlot, F; Cador, M (manuscript in preparation)

View online : Striatum, Dopamine et automatization dans l’addiction à la cocaïne et dans la Rechute