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Take a look and publish !

by Loïc Grattier - published on

Take a look and publish !

Serotonin Research: Crossing scales and boundaries
Neuropharmacology (IF: 4.4)
Deadline: September 6th (cela a été repoussé récemment ; pas de frais de publications)
This special Issue is organized by Giuseppe Di Giovanni and Philippe De Deurwaerdère. It concerns the neuropharmacology of the serotonergic system. If you have some interesting data, don’t hesitate!

IJMS (IF: 4.18)
Deadline: September 30th (Be carefull... it is an open access: 1600 CHF upon invitation)
Another special issue dedicated to serotonin, not only in the central nervous system.

New GPCR Targets and Modulators to Treat CNS Disorders
Frontiers in Molecular Neurosciences
Deadline: November (Publications fees)
It is a special issue dedicated to GPCR. There is no particular restriction (molecular, integrative neurobiology…), except for the publication fees.

Frontiers in Pharmacology:}

5-HT2C receptors
Deadline: September 20th (Publications fees)

Who is still working on 5-HT2C receptors? This special issue collects articles on this receptor and its influence on CNS function. It is also a major target in the treatment of obesity, anxiety, depression, and drugs of abuse.

Non-dopaminergic system in Parkinson’s disease
Frontiers in Pharmacology:
Deadline : July 20th, but i twill be postponed.
It is a special issue on systems other than dopaminergic ones in Parkinson’s disease. It includes specific proteins to other systems of neurotransmission.

(image: INSERM Grenoble, Marc Savasta)