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L’INCIA fait sa rentrée

by Wolff - published on , updated on

L'INCIA fait sa rentrée

October already, time to sum up the the many things that have happened over the past few weeks!

The team Neuroimaging and Human Cognition is welcoming four new members: Mélina Fatseas, psychiatrist, PUPH in addiction research and treatment; Ellemarije Altena, MCU and neuropsychologist, sleep research expert;
Sylvie Berthoz, CR Inserm and clinical psychologist; Pierre Schweitzer, IE, CNRS.

New publication for the STRESS team! (see below)

The DECAD team was awarded 2 ANR grants for the last call:
Etienne Coutureau is co-PI on the NORAD project (Noradrenaline and prefrontal neural dynamics for monitoring behavioural flexibility), with Emmanuel Procyk, Sébastien Bouret and Eric Kremer as collaborators while Shauna Parkes is leading her CoCoChoice (Contextual Control of Choice) JCJC project.

Etienne has also been elected at the executive committee of the Société des Neurosciences while Shauna is back from Canada where she presented at the Pavlovian Society meeting in Vancouver. She also gave seminars at Concordia University and at McGill University and she is invited to present at the next Meeting on Orbitofrontal Cortex Function (13-15 November 2019, Paris).

2 new PhD students are starting in the team, Sarah Morceau was selected by the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program (supervision from Mathieu Wolff) and Robin Piquet is being supervised by Shauna Parkes.

Mathieu co-authored a paper with colleagues from NutriNeuro (see below). He is also invited to talk at the next Gordon Conference on Thalamocortical Interactions (Ventura, USA) titled Thalamic Circuits for Perception, Cognition and Action.

The team will soon be ready to start optogenetic experiments using a brand new set of conditioning chambers fully equipped for optogenetics (thanks to a collaboration with S. Valerio, Aquineuro) and touch-screen for rodents (thanks to a collaboration between Shauna Parkes and S. Palminteri, DEC-ENS, Paris).

In the CPG team, Marie Boulain is starting a PhD under the supervision of Laurent Juvin with a funding from the CNRS.

The Hybrid Team is welcoming Effie Segas, who was ranked first for a PhD scholarship from the SP2 doctoral school. Matthieu Guémann also had his first publication with the team accepted (see below).

Antonny CZARNECKI, Associate Professor - Sorbonne University, has joined on September 1st the team DSMN for a CNRS delegation.
He works on a collaborative project with the parisien team DSCO headed by Pascal LEGENDRE aiming at identifying the role of the cholinergic transmission from motoneurons in the mechanisms of spontaneous activity genesis in the embryonic mouse spinal cord.
Welcome Antonny !!

Stephanie Caillé-Garnier from AddicTeam was part of an efficient triumvirate with Francois Georges (IMN) and Pierre Trifilieff (NutriNeuro) to organize the 6th edition of the Brain International Conference (2 to 4th of October) which happens each year in Fall under the auspices of Bordeaux Neurocampus and Labex Brain.
This conference entitled “Normal and Pathological Reward processing: from synapses to behavior” was held in the beautiful auditorium Haut Carré of the University of Bordeaux. For 3 days, scientists from all over the world presented their works, data, ideas and concepts to a responsive and interactive audience. To quote Stephanie’s introductory words, “we have been challenged, excited and stimulated and …of course rewarded!”. All this in a very friendly and warm atmosphere. The scientific content was very diverse and of a very high quality. The plenary lecture given by Ivan de Araujo even brought the concept of “Reward” to the peripheral system.

In the MINDS team, Léa Tochon’s (PhD student) abstract was selected for a talk at this event. Not bad for a PhD student, well done Léa!
And a new paper is out (see below)!

Recent publications:

  • Long-lasting pseudo-social aggressive behavior in opiate-withdrawn mice A Piccin and A Contarino Journal: Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry
  • Vitamin A deficiency impairs contextual fear memory in rats: abnormalities in glucocorticoid pathway Bonhomme D., Alfos S., Webster S. P. , Wolff M., Pallet V. Touyarot K. Journal in Neuroendocrinology
  • Effect of vibration characteristics and vibror arrangement on the tactile perception of the upper arm in healthy subjects and upper limb amputees. Guémann M, Bouvier S, Halgand C, Paclet F, Borrini L, Ricard D, Lapeyre E, Cattaert D, de Rugy A (in press) Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation.