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Animotion core facility

by courtand - published on

Peoples in charge: Gilles Courtand, Gregory Barrière, François Lambert, Didier Le Ray, Laurent Juvin

The Animotion core facility is a collaborative technical platform at the INCIA laboratory dedicated to the quantification of motor behaviors in small terrestrial and aquatic animals.
This collaborative facility is born from the expertise of several scientists from both the INCIA and IMN labs in Bordeaux NeuroCampus (see the list of founding members) in the acquisition and analysis of kinematic or physiological parameters such as eye, body and limbs movements or respiratory activity.
All along their research projects the founders developed skills and methods allowing the in vivo and ex vivo study of neural functions like locomotion, posture and gaze stabilization, breathing in normal and pathological, ecotoxicological or ethological conditions in rodents and amphibians so far. Realizing through national and international collaborations (LINK to collaboration list) the need to provide non specialists with cutting-edge acquisition techniques and analysis expertise, they created the Animotion core facility to make their tools and knowledge available to any academic people (students, technicians and researchers), from any scientific field, who need to record and quantify parameters associated to motor behaviors in the scope of a research project (master, PhD, national or international research program).

The Animotion core facility offers equipments for high speed video recordings (equipments), locomotion stimulation (equipments), vestibular stimulation (equipment), breathing activity recording (equipments). In association with these equipments several quantification software solutions are available at the platform (deeplabcut, python softwares, kinovea...).

Requests to benefit from the Animotion resources must be address first to Gilles Courtand (