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by Loïc Grattier - published on , updated on

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  • Misdrahi D, Denard S, Swendsen J, Jaussent I & Courtet P (2014) Depression in schizophrenia: The influence of the different dimensions of insight. Psychiatry Research 216, 12-6.
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  • So SH-W, Peters ER, Swendsen J, Garety PA & Kapur S (2014) Changes in delusions in the early phase of antipsychotic treatment - An experience sampling study. Psychiatry Research 215, 568-73.
  • Monfort V, Pfeuty M, Klein M, Collé S, Brissart H, Jonas J & Maillard L (2014) Distortion of time interval reproduction in an epileptic patient with a focal lesion in the right anterior insular/inferior frontal cortices. Neuropsychologia 64, 184-94.
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