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Bordeaux Neurocampus Seed Projects & new direction team

by Wolff - published on

Bordeaux Neurocampus Seed Projects & new direction team

Two INCIA members have been awarded for the 2022 Bordeaux Neuroscience Seed Project call.

This call aims at developping new research lines or new collaborations within the Bordeaux Neurocampus department and should help to build competitive ANR projects.

Congratulations to Michel Engeln (CANDY) for his project "DELCONPATH : Using delayed consequences of cocaine intake to guide future behavior: role of the pallidothalamic circuitry" and to Romuald Nargeot (MotoPsyn) for the the project "EPIMAP : Analysis of epigenetic changes that underlie long-term plasticity and memory in identified neurons and network" in collaboration with Alexandre FAVEREAUX (IINS).

See here for the full list of awardees:

Bordeaux Neurocampus has now a new director, Jérôme Baufreton (IMN) who will be assisted by two co-directors, Aude Panatier from Magendie and Mathieu Wolff from our institute (DECAD).