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DN3 breaking news

DN3 collaborative research on Ondine syndrome highlighted on the Inserm online periodic

The collaborative work of G. Pitollat and M. Thoby-Brisson about the Ondine syndrome was recently highlighted on the online periodic of Inserm.
Have a look here : (...)

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DN3 on german TV

Researchers from DN3 team appear on international public media.
Here is on german TV :
watch from 21’45’’ to the (...)

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Master 2 internship 2022-2023 proposal with Muriel Thoby-Brisson

Respiratory deficits in the Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS or Ondine Syndrom): Search for therapeutic treatments.
Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS) is a human (...)

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Master 2 internship 2022-2023 proposal with François Lambert

Neurogenesis/Neurodegeneration in vestibular neuronal populations during xenopus metamorphosis Internship Context. The central vestibular circuitry integrates sensory inputs from inner ear (...)

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DN3 PhD students will present poster at the FENS 2022 meeting in Paris

Posters presented at the next FENS meeting, July, 9-13th 2022, Paris
Title: Identifying therapeutics to treat respiratory deficits associated with the congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (...)

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Cérémonie des docteurs de l’Université de Bordeaux

The newly graduated Dr. Colnot honored during the University of Bordeaux PhD award ceremony. Congratulations Dr Colnot !!

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DN3 research highlighted by international scientific community

Recent study published by DN3 member (Locomotion-induced oculomotor activity through evolution in mammals; de Barros et al., Curr. Biol 2021) was gently highlighted in a dispatche article by Dr. (...)

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First head motion-evoked eye movements recorded in cuttlefish

14-16 fev 2022 :François Lambert and Gilles Courtand (Animotion technical supervisor) participated to preliminary experiments recording eye movements in response to head rotation in cuttlefish at (...)

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DN3 research article on J Physiol coverpage

Articles published by Boulain et al in the Journal of Physiology (vol 599, issue 19; oct 1rst 2021) made the journal coverpage.

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